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Vice President coordinates with vice ministers continuity work in the Environment

Santo Domingo.- The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, met this Thursday with the Vice Ministers of Environment and Natural Resources, to coordinate the continuation of the work in that institution, after the death of its head Orlando Jorge Merawho was shot dead Monday in his office by a friend of his.

Accompanied by the legal consultant of the Executive Power, Antoliano Peralta, the dignitary expressed regret for the untimely departure of the friend and fellow official.

In addition to sharing with the deputy ministers and expressing their condolences to the close team of Minister Jorge Mera, the meeting had two fundamental objectives, according to a statement from the Presidency.

They tried to review the main issues in the portfolio of each vice ministry and learn about the list of cases and current status of the projects with pending permits in the institution.

The deputy ministers Juan Eduardo Julia Mera, Federico Alberto Franco Taveras, Juan Fulvio Ureña Acosta, Milagros Marina De Camps Germán, José Ramón Reyes, López, Fernanda Mercedes de León Caba, Edilio Segundo Florián Santana and Jorge Ruiz participated in the meeting.

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“We need them to guarantee to provide the country with the assurance that we will continue to work firmly in defense of the environment and providing services to citizens,” said the vice president.

“However, decisions that must be approved by the head of this Ministry will be sent to the Presidency to follow the relevant course, from today until President Abinader returns to the country,” he added.

He said that President Abinader, who fulfills a commitment at the Summit of the Americas, in Los Angeles, United States, in the meantime entrusted him with the responsibility of the Executive power, as well as with communicating the message of the meeting.

He suggested to the deputy ministers that regarding those transcendental decisions that must be taken in the exercise of their functions, they be postponed until a new minister is appointed.

“Even in times of regret for the pain that surrounds the country, we must focus on maintaining growth projection and good management of the environment, respecting the legal framework,” he stressed.

The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, met this Thursday with the Vice Ministers of Environment

He stressed that the country’s economic growth train, recognized worldwide, fills them with pride, but at the same time reinforces their commitment to continue creating opportunities to walk this path of inclusive development more quickly.

Inspiration and legacy

Vice President Peña stated that the country has not yet come out of the shock and sorrow caused by this tragic and violent event.

“Inspiration and example to promote the legacy that he has been building as a valuable asset for the democratic life of the nation, as a consolidator and tireless worker, a politician with a great career since his early youth. And recently from his role as Minister of Environment and Natural Resources”, he reminded her.

However, he added, we must recover and assume the duty and obligation to move forward, in this task of building a better nation from public functions.

“Remember that now we are all part of the legacy of Minister Orlando Jorge Mera and that we must follow the example he left us, reaping the fruits of the seeds he planted in each one of us,” he said.

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