Vice Minister says that the council in Potosí seeks "impunity" for Pumari

Vice Minister says that the council in Potosí seeks “impunity” for Pumari

The Vice Minister of the Interior and Police, Nelson Cox, affirmed that the council and march that will take place this Tuesday in Potosí, seek the “impunity” of the former civic leader Marco Antonio Pumari, preventively detained in the San Miguel de Uncía prison.

For this day the meeting of regional representatives and other authorities in the Imperial Villa is expected, to form a legal commission against the “political persecution” attributed to the MAS Government.

“The mobilizations today (Tuesday) of the Civic Committee of Potosí seek impunity in this case, the fact of obstructing its clarification is none other than that. Let’s not forget that Pumari has been arrested for obstructing an electoral processThat is a crime and it has to do with an affectation of ordinary commission, the ravages and the fire, ”said Cox.

Pumari is being investigated for the mobilizations that would have caused the burning of the Departmental Electoral Tribunal (TED) of Potosí during the crisis of 2019. He was apprehended on Thursday, transferred to Betanzos on Friday and taken into custody on Saturday, in Llalagua.

“A summons is not necessary before an arrest warrant, the warrants that are sufficient must be carried out to find the whereabouts of all those who have been directly and indirectly responsible, even the accomplices, “said Vice Minister Cox in an interview with Unitel.

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