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Vice Minister of Education says they are evaluating a salary increase for teachers

After the president Louis Abinader yesterday led a meeting with various sectors of the pact for Education, where important issues were discussed, the Vice Minister of Planning and Development of Education, Julissa Hernández in the program Wake up with CDN, He spoke about the demonstrations carried out by the ADP requesting a salary increase.

The Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP) announced in recent days a series of stoppages in schools across the country. Said demonstrations demand a salary increase of 25% and the fulfillment of other claims.

The deputy minister of the MEPyD affirmed that there is a document signed by both parties, which was signed by the president last year in the Palace. But she in turn questioned the confirmation that it has been fulfilled.

There is a document signed by the parties, signed by the president last year at the Palace. What there is is to see if that was fulfilled“, said.

“What is there is what we need to see if it is being fulfilled or not.” He added that most of the issues raised in the past tense that appear in the agreement were met.

Regarding the salary increase, Julissa Hernández argued that the agreement establishes that this year they would agree to identify how much was going to be increased. In addition, it would be based on some variables, one of which is the economic situation.

We are in that conversation, in December we began to talk about all these issues and it was agreed that at the beginning of the year we would resume”, he expressed.

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