Vertiginous career: he was appointed an official in Chuy but joined the BROU directory

Vertiginous career: he was appointed an official in Chuy but joined the BROU directory

The BROU Representative Commission formally denounces, through this communication, the facts that arise regarding the official Leonardo Dieste.

– The aforementioned official signed up for the call for admission by the department of Rocha.

– He agreed to enter the Banco República after the contest with a Chuy branch destination, where he never showed up, being immediately transferred to the secretary of Director Leandro Francolino (Frente Amplio) in Montevideo.

– Assigned functions of E2 (GEPU 36).

This situation presents a series of irregularities that must be resolved urgently by the Board of Directors, considering that:

1- The domicile established for the purposes of the competition is presented by means of an affidavit. Leonardo Dieste, as Supplier of the State, appears with domicile in Montevideo.

2- His transfer without a substitute violates the Transfer Protocol agreed with this body in 2018.

3- The assignment of functions, according to internal regulations of the Bank, cannot be given to officials before the confirmation in the position and must be a maximum of up to two categories above that corresponding to the official.

4- According to the bases of the call, the officials who enter do so in Dependencies and the Vice Presidency is not.

5 – The situation of this official, a former hired adviser to Jorge Polgar and today linked to Salvador Ferrer’s press adviser, calls into question the transparency of the external competition that enabled his admission.

6 – Violate the right to administrative career of all Brou officials.

Montevideo, August 9, 2022

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