MAP deposita en la CJPE propuesta de reglamento de la Ley Salarial

MAP deposits in the CJPE proposed regulation of the Salary Law

The Ministry of Public Administration (MAP) deposited in the Legal Consulting of the Executive Power (CJPE), the proposal for a complementary regulation of law number 105-13, on Wage Regulation of the Dominican State.

Through a communication addressed to the President Louis Abinaderthe MAP reintroduced the document in the CJPE, explaining that the main purpose of said regulation is to develop, from the technical and procedural point of view, the framework normative overview on wage management in the Dominican State.

Likewise, establish the central methods and tools for the design and management of salary scales in public bodies and entities, under the rectory and supervision of MAP.

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In the letter, the head of the MAP, Darío Castillo Lugo, indicated that the preparation of the Regulations of Law 105-13 of Salary Regulation of the Dominican Statewhich should have been approved in 2014, is one of the commitments assumed by this government management, in the General Plan for the Reform and Modernization of Public Administration (PGRMAP), approved by decree number 149-21.

It is recalled that Abinader said that the Dominican government, through the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP) is working to bring the Economic and social Council (CES) prevent autonomous entities from increasing their salaries, as has happened in recent weeks with some superintendencies.

This was revealed by the president Louis Abinader, who added that the officials who have increased their salaries are outside the control of the public administration, since they belong to organizations regulated by their own laws.

«In some of them I have not even been able to make changes because they have a specific time that is indicated by their law; that were laws that were enacted in previous periods”said the chief executive.

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