Venezuelan soldiers deactivate 105 kilos of explosives near Colombia

Venezuelan soldiers deactivate 105 kilos of explosives near Colombia

Venezuelan military troops deactivated two “makeshift” devices containing 105 kilograms of explosives in the state rushborder with Colombiainformed this Thursday the operational strategic commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), Domingo Hernández Lárez.

“In the Caño Hondo sector of the Páez municipality, FANB, while cleaning roads, deactivates two improvised explosive devices of 25 and 80 kilograms, respectively, contributing with its actions to free transit and national sovereignty in the state of Apure,” he explained. the military in a message posted on his Twitter account.

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Hernández Lárez accompanied the information with several photographs in which officials can be seen digging up cylinders on what appears to be a path.

This Tuesday, the military chief reported the deactivation of another 150 kilograms of “high explosives” in the same municipality of Apure.

He assured, then, that these “high explosives” were “used by the ‘tankl’ to intimidate and kill” Venezuelans.

“Tancol” is an acronym invented by the Venezuelan government that does not refer to any specific gang and means “Colombian drug-trafficking armed terrorists.”

Another 44 explosive devices were deactivated by the FANB in ​​the same town last Sunday and Monday, always according to Hernández Lárez, who reports these findings regularly through social networks.

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