Foreign tourists will be able to sell up to US$5,000 at the financial exchange rate

Foreign tourists will be able to sell up to US$5,000 at the financial exchange rate

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Foreign tourists may sell up to US$5,000 at the exchange rate that arises from financial market operations in entities authorized to operate in the exchange market.

The measure to be adopted by the Central Bank will allow the sale of foreign currency in entities authorized to operate in the exchange market, with the presentation of the identification documentation used to enter the countryreported this Thursday the Ministry of Economy.

The maximum amount allowed by this mechanism will be up to 5,000 dollars, and the exchange rate will be the one that arises from the operations in the financial market (dollar MEP).

The decision was made during the economic cabinet meeting headed Thursday morning by Minister Silvina Batakis, who met for more than two hours at the Palacio de Hacienda.

Also during the meeting “actions were decided to improve the conditions of access to the foreign exchange market for the payment of imports of inputs for strategic sectors and thus guarantee the continuity of different production processes”.

The measure that the Central Bank will implement will allow the payment of inputs in transit, which were shipped at origin, until June 27, 2022, and have arrived in the country with SIMI (Comprehensive Import Monitoring System) in force until said date.

In addition to Batakis, the Minister of Labor, Claudio Moroni; the Legal and Technical Secretary of the Presidency, Vilma Ibarra; the president of the Central Bank, Miguel Pesce; and the head of the Federal Public Revenue Administration, Mercedes Marcó del Pont.

Also taking part in the meeting were the president of the Banco de la Nación Argentina, Eduardo Hecker; the head of the National Securities Commission, Sebastián Negri; and the chief of staff of the Ministry of Productive Development, Camila Cabral.

Batakis was accompanied at the meeting by the Secretary for Economic Policy, Karina Angeletti; the Secretary of Finance, Eduardo Setti; and the Administrative Legal Secretary, José Ballesteros.

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