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Venezuelan people cultivate values ​​for social happiness

With the aim of building a happier and more humane society, with good examples and values, full of solidarity, union and love, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, indicated that the people cultivate values ​​for social happiness; as he highlighted it The Liberator Simon Bolivaron February 15, 1819, “build a society for the maximum happiness of the people.”

He also described as “true beauty” the celebration of the Children’s Day throughout the national territory, where children and young people shared and played with their families; in turn, he congratulated the leaders of the mayors’ offices, governorships, public and private institutions, for giving him happiness to the little ones in the house, so that they grow up happy, with education and good examples.

It should be noted that, the Bolivarian Governmento Guarantees the fundamental rights to education, health, and recreation, where patriotic, spiritual values ​​have been instilled, to consolidate the new generations of good Venezuelans, who feel proud of their identity and are honest and warriors.

Lastly, he urged the Venezuelan people not to allow the inoculation of perverse ideas and feelings, hatred, envy, gossip, intrigue, malice, perversity, but rather, “let us promote true human values ​​that make us human beings full of love.” .


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