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Venezuelan Foreign Minister dismisses Duque’s attacks on elections

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In statements reviewed by the Colombian media W Radio, the president described last Sunday’s democratic event as the “chronicle of an announced fraud”, by accusing the Venezuelan government of controlling the electoral authorities.

According to Duque, “the only viable path for Venezuela is a credible presidential election with meticulous supervision by the international community,” in an interventionist statement that ignores the broad international oversight plan activated for the recent electoral process.

“The greatest fraud in Latin America speaks, whose legacy is the betrayal of the peace accords and the murder of hundreds of social leaders,” said the head of Venezuelan diplomacy on his Twitter social network account.

Foreign Minister Plasencia urged the head of State of Colombia to occupy the little time that his administration has left to attend to the multiple problems that afflict the people of the New Granada nation.

More than 300 observers from 55 countries were present in Venezuela for the regional and municipal elections on November 21, as part of the actions implemented to guarantee the transparency and legitimacy of the process.

When presenting this Tuesday the preliminary opinion on the observation work, the head of the electoral mission of the European Union, Isabel Santos, recognized the existence of better conditions for the development of the recent elections.

The MEP considered the directive of the National Electoral Council (CNE) designated in 2021 as the most balanced of the last 20 years, which contributes to generating confidence in the political life of the country, in addition to highlighting technical improvements adopted from the dialogue with the various sectors.

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