Venezuela remains the least happy country in South America in 2022

Venezuela remains the least happy country in South America in 2022

Finland is the happiest country in the world according to the World Happiness Report, followed by Denmark and Iceland. Venezuela ranked 106th out of 146 countries taken for the world ranking, whose last positions were for Afghanistan and Lebanon

The United Nations Organization (UN) published, with the help of the consulting company Gallup, the World Happiness Index of 2022, where 146 countries were taken into account for the study in which the happiness scores from 2019 to 2021 based on various indicators.

Indicators such as financial security, perception of social support, feelings of personal freedom, expectations of a healthy life, GDP per capita, perception of corruption, generosity and dystopia were taken into account through surveys of thousands of people in each country who are asked to rate their subjective well-being (happiness score) using the Cantril ladder of life question.

The World Happiness Report reached more than nine million people in 2021. Since it was first published 10 years ago, the report has been based on two key ideas: that happiness or life evaluation can be measured through opinion polls, and that can identify the key determinants of good health. -be and, therefore, explain the patterns of evaluation of life in all countries.

In that sense, Venezuela ranked 108th out of 146 countries that were taken into account for the report, averaging 4,925 points. That is, a little less than five thousand points on a scale of 10 thousand. In that ranking, our nation was above states such as Iran, Turkey, Uganda, Myanmar, Egypt, India, among others.

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However, in South America, our country was in last place. The nation that ranked immediately above Venezuela was Ecuador, which had an average of 5.5. Colombia scored a 5.8 despite having one of the highest levels of inequality in Latin America in 2020.

The best situated country in the south of the continent was Uruguay with 6.5, followed by Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

On the other hand, in North and Central America, Canada and the United States occupy the first place on the list, obtaining 7,025 and 6,977 points; which places them in the world ranking in boxes 15 and 16.

Although Canada had a good number, it really represents a setback compared to where it was 10 years ago where it was fifth.

According to the report, the country with the highest happiness indices is Finland, which scored 7,821. Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Israel and New Zealand complete the world top 10.

On the other hand, Afghanistan is the least happy country in the world, surpassed by Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Botswana.

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