Venezuela recovers dammed resources for social care

Venezuela recovers dammed resources for social care

With these actions, the actions signed on September 6, 2021 are resumed

convinced of the urgency of the measures in favor of the Venezuelan people

in the agreement

preeminence of the human rights of Venezuelans

numeral 6 of the agenda referring to the protection of the national economy and protection of the Venezuelan people

second partial agreement

constitution of the mandate of the bodies created

determination and implementation of necessary and effective initial measures for the protection of the Venezuelan people

may address other projects not included in this agreement and its annexes, according to the development of the negotiations

National Social Care Board, in accordance with what was agreed in September 2021, an auxiliary technical body that will work on the preparation of specific social protection actions and programs

It is not a new space for negotiation or decision. In the following 24 hours, the parties will notify in writing the name of their representatives.

Special Group for the care of the effects of XXX other auxiliary technical body that will follow up

The terms of reference of these organizations will be contained in the annexes of the document.

Social protection measures for the Venezuelan people

It is agreed to request the UN to support the design, establishment and implementation of a single trust fund with the objective of expanding the implementation of social protection measures to the Venezuelan people

We follow up on the follow-up Memorandum signed in August 2021 in Mexico City, the parties continue with the dialogue process

main objective to promote well-being of Venezuelans

maximum caution in relation to the reservation of the negotiation

agreed to continue with the process according to the agenda established in December 2021

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