Abinader encabeza V Reunión de Ministros y Autoridades Desarrollo Social de la OEA

Abinader heads V Meeting of Ministers and Social Development Authorities of the OAS

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader led this Thursday the opening ceremony of the Fifth Meeting of Ministers and High Authorities of Social Development (V REMDES) of the Organization of American States (OAS).

The president, together with the coordinator of the Social Policy Cabinet, Tony Peña, received 35 ministers of social protection from different countries around the world, at the Intercontinental Hotel.

During his speech, the president took the opportunity to state that at this juncture characterized by the uncertainty generated by the prolonged effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sustained increase in the main international commodities, the global impact of the war in Europe, and the attacks of natural phenomena caused by climate change; All the nations of the world are today in a state of latent vulnerability that affects the normal development of their country projects, a reality that the countries that make up the region of the Americas do not escape.

“It is under these difficult circumstances that the great social and economic inequities that still affect us have been exposed; These originated from historical debts and social policies that are often insufficient and not very resilient; as well as the climatic shock that represents a high cost in the GDP of our countries », he indicated.

The president highlighted that in the context of the global global crisis, during this administration work has focused on two large areas: first, on the rapid recovery of economic activity and employment in the country, compared to the losses that the COVID-19 epidemic for our countries, and second, to improve social care through a new strategy to overcome poverty and vulnerability, which promotes the resilience of the population in vulnerable conditions from a multisectoral approach that allows the way out of poverty and preventing new people from falling into it.

He added that for this, his Government has implemented a series of measures aimed at combating inequalities, strengthening the Welfare State to thus guarantee the future of the next generations.

He stressed that the meeting of Ministers and High Authorities of Social Development is a propitious meeting for, through an open and cooperative dialogue, to discuss the opportunities for improvement that we can propose to strengthen the social protection systems, harmonize experiences and learn about the common challenges we face. “So that they are truly agile and effective policy instruments to contribute to the recovery that we need to achieve throughout the region.”

For his part, the coordinator of the Social Policy Cabinet highlighted that the institution has more than 12 high-profile projects, among which are not only improve yourself and improve the floors, but also the Oportunidad 14-24 program for educational reinsertion, employment and support for entrepreneurship of young people who neither work nor study, which has approximately 100 centers nationwide.

He also highlighted the “Transforming My Country” program, which has the purpose of rebuilding homes; delivery of Family and Housing Bonds, donations of high-cost medicines throughout the country, study programs and university internships and other support for people in conditions of social vulnerability.

“Distinguished colleagues, there are no individual solutions to this health, economic and social crisis, the solution must be collective,” said Peña.

In this version of the V REMDES, the OAS brings together ministers and high authorities to discuss common challenges, work on solutions, and establish priorities for joint action. Through the exchange of best practices and lessons learned in the design and execution of public policies, the Member States identify key areas of action in the area of ​​social development and inclusion and expand their capacities to formulate and manage effective public policies that would otherwise be difficult to develop.

The motto of the V REMDES this year is “Strengthening Hemispheric Cooperation towards Resilient Reconstruction and Sustainable Social Development in the Americas”, and with this main objective it seeks to create a space for dialogue about the role that the social protection to overcome the challenges of inclusion and integral development in the hemisphere, in addition to facing the crises and natural disasters that affect the region through greater resilience based on social and fiscal pacts that make financial sustainability viable protection strategies.

During the working day, which will last for 48 hours, the pro tempore presidency of that OAS chapter is expected to be elected, and several working commissions will be formed to follow up on the issues addressed on public policies for social development.

The fifth meeting of social protection ministers that is being held in the country was also attended by other officials from the social sector of the government of President Luis Abinader.

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