Venezuela recognizes the work of women in the Bolivarian Peace Diplomacy

With a Forum on the theme of multilateralism and peace diplomacy, held in the Municipal Council of Caracas, Venezuela celebrated and recognized the advances and equitable inclusion of Venezuelan women in all areas of human endeavor, especially in the geopolitics of a blockaded country and that have tried to collapse with illegal measures of economic suffocation.

“It is vital for us to give this recognition to those who have been organizing from other areas, from academia, from studies, from specialization, but above all from women who are our voice representing other countries,” she told Venezuelan Television (VTV), the President of the subcommittee on integration and border affairs of the National Assembly (AN), Vanessa Montero.

It reported that a Draft Agreement to commemorate the International Day of Women in Peace Diplomacy, which is held every June 24, according to the AN website.

Regarding the forum, she commented that the objective is to make visible the work of women diplomats, in a meeting with a gender approach that seeks to know the participation of women and what have been the proposals that women have had in the multilateral world of relations international.

The attendees of the activity expressed that this initiative seeks to raise the flags of peace and generate spaces for debate on the role of women in diplomacy, as well as the challenges they still face in leadership issues.

“We barely represent 13% of what are, in the world, the heads of diplomatic spaces. That number is low compared to the process that takes place in Venezuela for the leading participation of women, but it is important to know how to feminize the dialogue in spaces of diplomacy, and when we say feminize is to humanize”, said the deputy Asia Villegas.

For her part, the Vice Chancellor for Asia, Tatiana Pugh, He had no doubts in affirming that this meeting has served to remember the historical role of Venezuelan women. “And to reaffirm those values ​​to which we have referred, peace diplomacy as a fundamental principle and the construction of a new multicentric and multipolar world, as President Nicolás Maduro Moros has insisted and as Commander Chávez taught us.”

In summary, the women parliamentarians and diplomats asserted before the VTV cameras that the Peace diplomacy of Venezuela has empowered women and demonstrated that Venezuelan feminism is important and an example in the world, a scenario where patriarchy and machismo still dominate. .



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