OAS calls attention to pollsters in Guatemala

Angel Valdes | June 29, 2023

The Observer Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) presented a report on the presidential elections held on June 25 in Guatemala.

In this report, the OAS called on polling companies due to
“the lack of correspondence between the official results on election day and all the widely disseminated polls in advance.”

“The Mission understands that surveys are not an instrument for predicting results, but a photograph of the preferences declared at a given moment, it is also aware that they have an impact on the development of the electoral process”

The international organization hopes that for the second presidential round in Guatemala “reality will be more faithfully captured.”

This call for attention is due to the fact that in the days prior to the elections, the surveys predicted that the deputy Bernardo Arévalo de León would arrive among the last in the election in a seventh or eighth place, however, he came in second place and will be disputing the presidency against candidate Sandra Torres.

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