Karim Khan, fiscal jefe de la Corte Penal Internacional.

Venezuela has three months to respond for crimes against humanity

Through a document, the International Criminal Court (CPI) informed the Venezuelan government of the three-month extension for the authorities to deliver a report on the investigations being carried out regarding accusations of crimes against humanity committed in the country.

Karim Khan, ICC prosecutor, details in the document that the extension until April 16 is justified and appropriate for several circumstances that add to the challenges caused, for example, by the coronavirus pandemic and difficulties in holding joint meetings.

“This extension is also justified for give enough time in light of the schedules, for the prosecutor (Karim Khan) to travel to Venezuela before the expiration of the term and, as planned in December 2021, engage in meaningful dialogue with the Government of Venezuela”, indicates the document.

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The extension occurs after the ICC opened a preliminary examination of Venezuela in 2018 for the action of the armed forces during the protests that resulted in the death of dozens of people, with this background it was decided expand the investigation against the Chavista government in December 2021.

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