Venezuela asks the UN to face food crisis

Venezuela asks the UN to face food crisis

The Alternate Ambassador of Venezuela to the UN, Joaquín Pérez Ayestarán, called for cooperation and solidarity to face the world food crisis.

During his participation in the special high-level meeting to discuss the coordination of political responses to the world food crisis, Pérez stressed the importance of stopping the imposition of unilateral and coercive measures (MCU), which, in the opinion of the Venezuelan diplomat, hinders commercial activities between nations.

“It will be impossible to overcome the world food crisis while +30 countries are subject -illegally- to the oppression of the MCUs. We would contribute a lot to food stability if we could fully develop our potential. A new world free of sanctions is urgently needed,” Pérez said via twitter.

According to the UN, the high cost of basic food is one of the main reasons that has triggered famine on a global scale due to lack of items.

On the other hand, yesterday the representation of Venezuela before the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO), highlighted that “livestock is a very important area to achieve food sovereignty, eradicate hunger and poverty, contributing to achieving sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda of the multilateral organization.

The proposals of the Venezuelan delegation arise as part of the 28th session of the FAO Committee on Agriculture.

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