Venezuela and Brazil fine tune environmental and rural development agenda

Venezuela and Brazil recently signed strategic agreements for the development of both nations

The Minister for Ecosocialism of Venezuela, Josué Lorca, held a meeting with his counterpart for the Environment and Climate Change of Brazil, Marina Silva, in order to refine a common agenda on environmental matters.

Through his account on the social network Instagram, Lorca stated that this meeting took place during the visit of President Nicolás Maduro to Brazil, a fact recorded this week.

During the meeting – he explained -, it was agreed to “strengthen the integration of both teams to advance together on issues such as reforestation, bioeconomy, environmental management and quality and rural development, likewise, we agree on the recovery of the Amazon, the green lung of the world”.

It should be remembered that, after extensive work agenda Between the presidents of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the signing of strategic agreements for the development of both nations was finalized last Tuesday.

From the Itamaraty Palace, the Memorandum of understanding in agri-food matters, motivated by the political will to explore opportunities and deepen exchanges in the areas of agriculture, livestock, sovereignty and food and nutritional security.

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