Ministry of Government calls on Firefighters not to use vehicles in protests

Angel Valdes | June 1, 2023

Due to the street closure carried out by the firefighters this Friday morning in the 4 Altos de Colón, where the National Police removed the vehicles with cranes to clear the road, the Ministry of Government issued a statement recalling that improper use cannot be made of State resources to carry out protests.

The Ministry of Government reminds all public servants that article 341 of the Penal Code establishes that: “The public servant who, for purposes unrelated to the service, uses for his own benefit, or that of another, or allows another to use money, securities or Property that is in his charge by reason of his functions or that is under his custody will be punished with imprisonment from one to three years, or its equivalent in days-fine or weekend arrest. The same penalty will be applied to the public servant who uses official work or services for his benefit or allows another to do so.

That is why we make a new call to the firefighters not to affect third parties with road closures and not to use State resources in demonstrations that are taking place. State vehicles used in demonstrations will be removed and transferred to fire stations, they are public property.

The Decree with which the administration of the Meritorious Fire Department of the Republic of Panama has committed itself for the signature of the President of the Republic is in its final revision and should be ready this Friday.

The Ministry of Government, as guarantor of governance in the country, requests the firefighters to allow the agreements to continue their course and produce the results that we all expect for the sake of social peace.

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