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Vargas calls for the approval of laws “to vaccinate democracy”

Miguel Vargas, president of the PRD, urged the approval of the electoral laws.

The president of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) Miguel Vargas, expressed the need for the Dominican Republic to address the pending electoral reforms.

During a meeting with the members of the PRD leadership to whom he informed the progress of this year, he urged that the National Congress be asked to prioritize the knowledge of the modifications to the Electoral Regime Law and Law 33-18 on Political Parties, Groups and Movements .

“The moment and the circumstances reveal that it is time that we prioritize the approval of an electoral legal framework that allows us to vaccinate democracy so that the episodes experienced in the 2020 elections are not repeated,” said the president of the PRD.

Recently, the president of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), Román Jáquez, warned that it is too late to modify the electoral laws that will govern the 2024 electoral process.

2022 will be growth

Vargas explained that in 2021 the PRD focused on updating its intermediate direction, made up of provincial, municipal, municipal district and sectional committees abroad. He explained that he also received the report from the different secretariats and the commissioners in charge of debugging the pattern of the party deposited in the JCE in 2019.

“By mandate of the law, under the regulation of the JCE, it had to be updated and deposited in it no later than the 17th of currents. Upon learning about and approving the new leadership register, Vargas announced that 2022 will be the year of growth for the PRD, ”states a statement from the organization.

He said that by having a refined leadership register, it is time to give way to the next stage, which is the growth plan.

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