Valeria Mazza: “Violence is not answered with violence, it is answered with justice”

Valeria Mazza and her husband Alejandro Gravier in statements Photo Osvaldo Fantn
Valeria Mazza and her husband Alejandro Gravier, in statements (Photo: Osvaldo Fantón).

The model valeria mazza stated this Thursday night that “Violence is not answered with violence, it is answered with justice”, when giving a press conference in front of the hospital of the Buenos Aires province of Pilar in which her son Titian Gravier underwent surgery for an injury to his jaw caused by a blow received at the exit of a nightclub in the Santa Fe city of Rosario.

Mazza confirmed that your son “is getting better, last night he did not have a very good time and that is why this Thursday they were giving him painkillers with which he was improving and now he is resting; he has been discharged since 18 but since he is resting we decided to let him sleep a little longer before taking him home”.

The model's son is discharged from 18 this Thursday
The model’s son has been discharged from 18 this Thursday.

According to the medical report, the operation consisted of an exploration of the focus of the left mandibular fracture, reduction and stabilization with rigid osteosynthesis, with mini titanium plates and, according to sources from the health center, during the last hours positive progress was made in the rehabilitation process.

The model said that Tiziano “vaa continue your recovery at home, for one more week he will continue with all the medications, painkillers, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, and also on Monday he will see the surgeon again to see the subject of the stitches and the evolution of the operation; As a mother, I feel more relieved now that the operation is over and with each hour that passes and I see that it seems that she is better, I feel more relieved and I can’t wait to be at home with the six of us together”.

Photo Osvaldo Fanton
(Photo: Osvaldo Fantón).

Tiziano was recovering from an operation to which he underwent this Wednesday at the Austral University Hospital for the fracture in his jaw caused by the blows he received when he was attacked last weekend at the door of a bowling alley in Rosario, by of two young people who turned themselves in this Wednesday and were detained and charged with serious intentional injuries.

“We have gone through different stages these days since the initial shock of the call at dawn that gave us notice and that is the ghost that all parents have when our children go out at night; I think we did everything quickly and well by putting ourselves in the hands of the doctors, ”he considered.

The moment of the attack
The moment of aggression.

“On Monday I was very focused on solving everything my son needed as quickly as possible, crying all day and thinking about what could have happened; I’m not angry, I don’t feel like revenge, but this can’t keep happening and I hope that the repercussion this had will serve to make it ‘enough’ to start doing things better”, completed the model.

In Rosario, meanwhile, the lawyer of the 26 and 27-year-old detainees confirmed that he is evaluating the abbreviated trial and questioned the media coverage it had.

Photo Osvaldo Fanton
(Photo: Osvaldo Fantón).

George Bedouret, The defense attorney for the young people detained for Gravier’s attack, affirmed this Thursday afternoon that he is evaluating the possibility of an abbreviated trial to reach a sentence agreement “which should not be deprivation of liberty”remarked that “there were no white or firearms” and complained that the fact “took impressive media relevance” for being the son of two well-known people such as former model Valeria Mazza and businessman Alejandro Gravier.

“In an extremely violent city like Rosario, where every day there is talk of a new homicide, drug trafficking and others, this is a fact that prosecutors do not normally even investigate. If you are going to file a complaint because they hit you with a pineapple and they broke you, nobody is going to pay attention to you, unfortunately,” Bedouret said, in statements to Télam.

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