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Vaccine against two variants of Covid will arrive in Paraguay

Before the end of the year, our country will receive 500,000 vaccines against Covid-19. They will be against the Wuhan and Omicron variants, as announced by the Ministry of Public Health.

The director of the Expanded Immunization Program, Héctor Castro, confirmed that Paraguay acquired 500,000 doses against the coronavirus, in order to continue vaccination next year, taking into account that the fifth wave is underway.

The dose They are from the Modern platform and the novelty is that they incorporate immunity against the original variant of Wuhan and that of Ómicron, what is the increased circulation currently in our country.

The Ministry of Public Health had already announced that from 2023, vaccination against Covid-19 will be only once a yearJust like the flu. Dr. Castro gave more details in an interview with the 730 AM radio station and estimated that the batch would arrive in approximately two weeks.

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Currently the Covid-19 vaccine is applied from 5 years of age. The complete scheme up to 11 years of age includes two doses and from 12 onwards three doses. From the age of 18 the second reinforcement dose is already enabled.

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According to the latest figures released by the health portfolio, 41% of the population does not have any dose against Covid-19; on the other hand, 76% of the target population did not receive the third dose (first booster) and 95% did not receive the fourth dose (second booster).

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