Va Taboada for a comprehensive plan for the CDMX Metro

Va Taboada for a comprehensive plan for the CDMX Metro

… And MC denounces the CDMX before Human Rights

federal deputy Jorge Alvarez Maynez denounced before the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City the authorities of the capital for the damages caused to Viviana Salgado, the woman who was arrested in recent days for the crime of attacks on communication routesafter some washing machine blades fell onto the Metro tracks at the Centro Médico station.

This person, after being arrested and transferred to the Santa Martha Acatitla prison, was brought before a control judge who linked her to the process and determined that she could continue her process in freedom.

Last Monday, the secretary of government, Martí Batres, and the director of the Metro, Guillermo Calderón, announced that they had withdrawn the complaint filed for attacks on communication routes.

Due to the above, the emecista legislator issued a letter to the head of the organization Nashieli Ramirez, where it points out as likely responsible for violations of the human rights of Viviana Salgado the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, and the director of the Metro, Guillermo Calderón, as well as the Secretary of Citizen Security, the local Prosecutor’s Office and other institutions.

Sheinbaum returns: “We are strong”

Given the constant criticism of her administration by opposition parties on the subject of the Metro and its alleged lack of maintenance, the head of government Claudia Sheinbaum He assured that he will not give in to the adversities that come his way.

“Yes, we are strong and I am also Head of Government, I am responsible for 9.2 million people, so we will never give in and we will move everything forward, the Metro, everything forward. And we are not going to win, imagine, women are not cowards. Or vice versa, we women are brave, ”she said at a press conference.

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