UTE will offer attention by video call in small towns

UTE and the National Postal Administration signed an agreement for the placement of remote business service posts that will be attended by video call (totem) in El Correo premises located in small towns.

The director of UTE representing the National Party, Felipe Algorta, explained in dialogue with the website of the Presidency that the pilot plan began in December in the towns of Progreso and Toledo in Canelones. This year it will be extended to more than 20 locations, such as Villa Rodríguez (San José), Solís de Mataojo (Lavalleja) and Rodó (Soriano), among others.

“It is about strengthening the two state institutions. We saw that in some locations UTE no longer had a physical presence at the commercial service level and we wanted to find a way to be able to serve the public again, in an innovative and low-cost way, ”he said.

How does it work?

The client interested in carrying out any procedure must make an appointment via the web on the UTE page and at the time assigned to him, he may go to the El Correo location to be attended by a UTE advisor virtually. In this way it is possible to carry out the same procedures as in any other commercial office.

The hierarch pointed out that he often receives calls from different parts of the country requesting the return of the commercial office. “What we are saying is that due to the number of queries that are made, it is sometimes economically unfeasible to have a person and a place working permanently. Through these mechanisms we can have the same face-to-face attention with almost minimal costs. (…) We recovered the presence of the State in small towns”, said Algorta.

In the future, this mechanism could also be replicated with other State agencies or even in dependencies of departmental governments that have a presence in the territory.

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