Use of a mask: Where will it not be mandatory and in which ones will it be?

Use of a mask: Where will it not be mandatory and in which ones will it be?

From today, May 1, people can go out -if they wish, as it is voluntary- to open spaces without wearing a mask and with distance. This will be possible in regions with 80% of the population over 60 years of age vaccinated with three doses and 80% of those over 12 years of age with two doses of the vaccine against the . This is established by Supreme Decree No. 041-2022-PCM, published on April 23 in “El Peruano”.

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The regions that meet these vaccination requirements are: Metropolitan Lima, Lima Provinces, Callao, Ica and Ancash. In the rest of the cities, the use of the mask is still mandatory in open and closed spaces.

In a tour of different points in the capital of the country, it was possible to observe, from 00:00 today, people who went for a run, walked their pets and rode a bicycle without a mask along the Malecón de Miraflores, for example. In other areas such as the Central Market, Jirón de la Unión and Mesa Redonda, several people continued to use this biosecurity implement.

In what open spaces can you be without a mask?

The Ministry of Health specifies that you can go out without a mask in open spaces or outdoors where social distancing of at least one meter can be maintained. These are:


Zonal parks, country clubs, among other similar.

Protected natural areas, botanical gardens, monuments or archaeological areas, open-air museums and zoos.

Outdoor thermal baths.

Outdoor sports clubs and associations.

Restaurants and the like in outdoor areas.

Outdoor business and professional events.

Itinerant markets.

As well as performing arts activities and cultural education in open spaces.

In which spaces is the use of a mask mandatory?

The Supreme Decree clarifies that the use of a KN95 mask or, failing that, a three-fold surgical mask and on top of it a community mask (fabric) is still mandatory. on roads for public use and in closed spaces, for example, banks, public and private entities, supermarkets, gyms, cinemas, theaters, among others.

In addition, You must continue to wear a mask in open places where a distance of one meter cannot be maintained At least between people. For example, concerts, stadiums and coliseums.

In all cases, the permanent use of a KN95 mask is mandatory, or failing that, a three-fold surgical mask and a community mask (fabric) on top of it.”, specifies the rule on coliseums and stadiums.

Only in the case of educational institutionsSince April 25, social distancing has not been applied, after the Council of Ministers approved the operation of schools and colleges with a capacity of 100%.

To implement the 100% capacity, schools must have vaccinated 100% of their teachers and 80% of their students. Besides, the use of the mask will continue to be a fundamental safety requirement in schools.

In open spaces where distance between people cannot be maintained, such as in Mesa Redonda, a mask must continue to be worn. (Photo: Violeta Ayasta / GEC)

Mask is still mandatory on public transport

The Urban Transport Authority for Lima and Callao (ATU) informed users and operators of regular, special and rail public transport that the use of the mask will continue to be mandatory in order to provide or access these services, in accordance with the Supreme Decree Nº041-2022-PCM, which extends the State of National Emergency and establishes new measures for the restoration of social coexistence, which has been in force since May 1.

The rule, published in the official newspaper El Peruano, provides that urban transport services will be provided in compliance with the sanitary protocols approved by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) for regular, special (taxi, student and tourist), Metropolitan service. , Complementary Corridors, as well as for the railway such as the Lima and Callao Metro, and conventional transport.

Therefore, users must wear a double mask, a three-fold surgical mask and another, preferably on top, or a KN95 to board buses, trains, and vehicles that provide special transportation services. Likewise, it is mandatory to wear a mask for entry and stay in stations and terminals.


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