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They arrest 3 Venezuelans and occupy 400 packages of coca in Peravia

Santo Domingo.- National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD) seized 400 packages of cocaine on the coast of Peravia province, for which three men of Venezuelan nationality were arrested.

Through a statement, the authorities indicated that they mounted a joint operation by air, sea and land, after receiving reports that several individuals on board a vessel intended to introduce a shipment, which according to reports, would have reached Dominican coasts from South America.

Once the chase began, which lasted several hours, anti-narcotics agents and members of the Navy and Air Force intercepted a speedboat (gofast type) south of the coast of the aforementioned province.

When boarding the boat of about 25 feet in length, 16 bags containing 400 packages of the substance that we presume is cocaine were confiscated inside and three men, all of Venezuelan nationality, were arrested.

Other evidence seized in the operation

The operation also seized 25 jugs of fuel, two GPS, three communication radios, a satellite phone, two outboard motors of 75 horsepower each, a cooler with water and energy drinks, among other evidence.

The detainees, who will be identified in a timely manner, are being handed over to the Public Ministry of Peravia province for coercive measures in the next few hours, for violation of Law 50-88, on drugs and controlled substances.

The Public Ministry and the DNCD have initiated an extensive investigation, while the location of other members of this drug trafficking network is activated, to arrest them and bring them to justice.

During the last 30 days, the authorities have seized 7,567 kilograms of drugs and so far this year, some 14.1 tons of cocaine, marijuana, crack, ecstasy and other controlled substances.

“These figures are the result of the firm support of the superior government, of extensive national and international cooperation, as well as the strengthening and efficiency of interdiction efforts against drug trafficking and its related crimes,” the press release states.

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The Dominican authorities want to make it clear that they will not allow drug trafficking networks to try to use our territory for their criminal activities.

The 400 packages used in this new operation are being sent under chain of custody to the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (INACIF), which will determine the exact type and weight of the substance.

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