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USA: “When will the regime finally respect human rights?”

Madrid Spain.- A few days after the first anniversary of the historic anti-government protests that spread throughout Cuba, the United States government recalled the inability of the Cuban regime to meet the basic needs of the people.

This Wednesday the Embassy of the United States in Havana remembered In addition, the protesters of July 11, 2021 (J11) “were received with violence, detained by hundreds and accused of false crimes.”

“When will the regime finally respect human rights?” questioned the consular headquarters.

Last week the US government recalled that in Cuba “there are more than 550 political prisoners sentenced to more than 4,000 combined years in prison for expressing themselves freely” and “asked for the support of democratic countries to continue denouncing the repression and imprisonment of the dictatorship.” in Cuba”.

This weekend free cubans in different cities of the world will march for the first anniversary of the popular demonstrations of 11J, “a date in which the Cuban people were filled with courage and glory, taking to the streets to denounce the terrible conditions in which they have to subsist, in a fair demand for change and freedom, facing bare chest to the repressive forces of the dictatorship”.

at its most recent report The Cuban Conflict Observatory (OCC) pointed out the possibility of another crisis of ungovernability equal to or greater than that of last year, motivated, to a large extent, by “the immobile attitude” of the Cuban regime.

The Observatory assured that “ungovernability will continue unstoppable, assuming various forms of manifestation and spreading to different sectors, to a point where the situation cannot be controlled through the traditional method of repression, no matter how brutal it may be.”

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