Several municipalities on red alert for winter in the department of Bolívar

Several municipalities on red alert for winter in the department of Bolívar

After the critical situation that occurs in the country due to the winter season, the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (Ideam), warned that in the department of Bolívar there are eight municipalities that are on red alert, Due to the imminent probability that the Magdalena River increase the levels and produce overflows and floods in different sectors.

According to the agency, the municipalities that present the red alert are Pinillos, El Guamo, San Jacinto, San Juan Nepomuceno, Carmen de Bolívar, Barranco de Loba, San Martín de Loba and Hatillo de Loba.

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Of the aforementioned municipalities, the most critical regarding the situation of flooding due to the rising of the Magdalena River is Pinillos, which registers affectations in seven districts: Los Limones, Las Flores, Santa Rosa, Puerto Bello, Palomino, Palenquito and Armenia.

The personero of the population, Dionisio Rangel, pointed out that, public calamity was declared in Pinillos faced with this problem It affects 90% of the municipality.

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90% of the municipality of Pinillos is flooded. The river level is too highthere has been no willingness on the part of the department or the national government for the jarillones to be made of a different material from that of the region. There is a shortage of different products in the family basket and that makes families live in quite complex situations. All these municipalities are quite abandoned by the authoritiessaid the official.

The precarious situation has brought Losses in farmyard animals and in cassava, plantain, yam, corn and pumpkin crops. The citizens of this sector of the department of Bolívar also pointed out that there have been interruptions in the supply of public services.

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