Policías en el lugar del tiroteo ocurrido este 4 de junio en Filadelfia, Estados Unidos. Foto: Tomada del perfil de Twitter de Max Marin / PhillyInquirer.

USA: Philadelphia shooting leaves three dead and 11 injured

A new mass shooting took place this Saturday in the United States, this time in the city of Philadelphia, with a balance of three dead and 11 injured.

The incident occurred shortly before midnight on June 4, when several armed men fired their weapons on a crowded street in that city in the state of Pennsylvania, review local media.

“We know that fourteen people were shot and taken to hospitals,” according to statements Police Inspector DF Pace, who specified that “three of these people, two men and one woman, were declared dead after arriving at hospitals with multiple gunshot wounds.”

At the moment, no arrests have been reported by the authorities, who indicated that several law enforcement officers present at the scene observed several active shooters shooting at people, in a populous area of ​​South Street, in Philadelphia.

He points to the information that an officer shot one of the shooters who dropped his weapon and fled, although it was not clear if he was hit. The report also specifies that two semi-automatic weapons and a high-capacity charger were found at the scene.

The police, who usually organize surveillance rounds in the busy area during the summer, will review the images from the surveillance cameras of the surrounding stores, according to the police institution itself.

The event follows other recent and deadly shootings in the United States, including the one that occurred at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texasin which 19 children and two teachers died—which have shocked public opinion inside and outside the country.

After these events, President Joe Biden asked Congress last Thursday to find a way to prohibit the sale of assault rifles to individuals, or at least raise the age to buy them from 18 to 21, considering reluctance “inconceivable”. of the Republicans to limit the sale of weapons when, in the midst of the wave of violence that the country is experiencing.

“Over the past two decades, more school-age children have died from firearms than active military and police officers combined. Think about it,” Biden said in a speech from the White House.

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