Nuevo León is in a serious water crisis: Juan Ignacio Barragán

Nuevo León is in a serious water crisis: Juan Ignacio Barragán

Monterey, NL. Despite the fact that Nuevo León is investing 800 million pesos to open new shallow and deep wells, the entity is in a serious water crisis, due to the critical level of the dams and the low rainfall, he emphasized, Juan Ignacio Barragan Villarrealmanaging director of Monterrey Water and Drainage.

They already have 280 wells open, and they are also bringing 30 water tankers from other states, such as Tamaulipas, Coahuila and Durango, although the commitment is to reach 120 tankers. “The state is directing 800 million pesos for the opening of shallow and deep wells.”

“The modification of Water for All program (from 4 to 10 in the morning)was taken in consensus with the metropolitan and peripheral mayors, we are solving the emergency due to drought, which has led the parastatal to make difficult but necessary decisions, given the lack of rain and the low level of storage of the dams ” , stressed the head of Water and Drainage.

He argued that the morning schedule was chosen for the supply, since it is the period in which between 60 and 70% of consumption is concentrated in the Monterrey metropolitan area, where a large part of the population carries out their activities at home.

According to the daily report of the National Water Comission (Conagua), the Cerro Prieto Dam has a filling of 2.55%; La Boca with 9.21% and El Cuchillo with 46.75%, is the largest dam in the state, but it is located in the municipality of China, while the other reservoirs are located in the citrus zone, closer to the metropolitan area.

Barragán Villarreal emphasized that because the level of the La Boca dam decreased a lot, the supply was closed for four days, in which it rained and managed to increase its level. He indicated that Cerro Prieto is at a very low extraction level of 1,661 liters per second, before it provided 4,000 liters per second, while El Cuchillo provides 5,000 liters per second.

He explained that of the 250 storage tanks in the Metropolitan Area, “the ones we have in red (at 9:30 a.m.) are in Escobedo, they have 40 centimeters left.” The work of the engineers is to redirect water from other tanks so that they can have a supply in the northwestern zone: Topo Chico, García, Escobedo and Ciénega de Flores and El Carmen.

He deepened that in these municipalities the water runs out very soon because they are areas with high density and they are the most distant colonies from the network of supply tanks.

In Pesquería and Apodaca there is no water supply, because a pipe was broken, also in four wells that are in Mina they have had serious problems of vandalism, because the cable or the valves are stolen.

We are making an effort to minimize the climate emergency crisis, many cities in the world are the same”, he assured.

In social networks, many users complain that there are areas with privileges, such as San Pedro Garza García, where there is always water, as well as the Bishopric, and the south of Monterrey. The official explained that in the south there is the San Roque water treatment plant, the Cola de Caballo (waterfall) tunnel and the Estanzuela Spring.

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