US military plane crashed a few kilometers from the border with Mexico; five deaths reported

A US military plane crashed on Wednesday, at least 35 kilometers from the border with Mexico, in southern California, according to AFP. Other media indicate that the accident site is 48 kilometers from the Mexican border.

According to Aristegui Noticias, the aircraft fell somewhere near the Glamis Dunes, around Coachella Canal Road and Highway 78, according to reports from emergency services and Imperial County spokesman Gil Rebollar.

AFP points out that five Marines, who were traveling on board the aircraft MV-22B Osprey, died when it crashed. The group was on a training mission. The case is under investigation.

We mourn the loss of our Marines in this tragic mishap. Our hearts go out to their families and friends as they deal with this tragedy,” Maj. Gen. Bradford J. Gering of the Marine Corps 3rd Air Division told AFP on Thursday.

The Marine Corps will not identify the members who died at this time. It is infantry policy not to divulge the names of members deceased service members “up to 24 hours after all notifications to relatives have been completed,” they said in a statement, according to CNN.

The MV-22 Osprey aircraft, operated by the US Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force, sare used to transport troops, equipment and supplies from ships and land bases to support combat, details the México Hoy portal.

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