Judge orders temporary arrest of suspect in case of disappearance

Judge orders temporary arrest of suspect in case of disappearance

The Justice decreed, on the night of this Thursday (9), the temporary arrest for 30 consecutive days of Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira, 41 years old, known as “Pelado”, arrested in the act last Tuesday (7) by the Police. Federal. He is suspected of being involved in the disappearance of British journalist Dom Phillips and indigenist Bruno Pereira after the PF found traces of blood on their vessel. Judge orders temporary arrest of suspect in case of disappearance

The decision was taken by on-duty judge Jacinta Santos during the custody hearing for Oliveira held in the District of Atalaia do Norte (AM). The process continues in judicial secrecy.

Oliveira was arrested during an approach for possession of drugs and 762 caliber ammunition, of restricted use. He was also carrying hunting weaponry.

This Thursday, the Federal Police asked for temporary arrest de Oliveira, a request that was granted by the Court.

Phillips, who is a contributor to the British newspaper The Guardian, and Pereira, a licensed servant of the National Indian Foundation (Funai), were last seen on Sunday morning (5), in the region of the Vale do Javari indigenous reserve, the second largest in the country, with more than 8.5 million hectares. They were moving from the riverside community of São Rafael to the city of Atalaia do Norte (AM), when they disappeared without a trace.

The indigenist had already denounced that he was being threatened in the region, information confirmed by the PF, which opened an investigative procedure on this complaint. Bruno Pereira was working as a collaborator for the Union of Indigenous Organizations of the Javari Valley (Univaja), an entity maintained by the indigenous people of the region.

The Javari Valley concentrates 26 indigenous ethnic groups, most with isolated or recent contact. In addition, it is on the border with Peru and is a route for the circulation of international drug trafficking. It is a region considered dangerous by the authorities.

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