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US investors fix their interest in the DR

Sonia Guzmán together with US investors.

Companies with US capital are planning to make investments in the Dominican Republic, as revealed in a virtual meeting held by President Luis Abinader with the Dominican ambassador to the United States, Sonia Guzmán.

The companies SkyPower Global, Temple Allen Industries and Ridge Partners Northwest Line, which were also present at the virtual meeting, explained to President Abinader their projects and the benefits in terms of jobs and generation of opportunities that they could bring to the Dominican Republic.

Ambassador Guzmán presented the companies and highlighted their mission to communicate among investors from the United States the actions of the Dominican Government to strengthen democratic stability and transparency, legal certainty, the independence of the public ministry and the opening of business opportunities and advantages. competitive offered by the country.

The Vice Minister for Economic Affairs and Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hugo Rivera Fernández, and the commercial team of the Dominican Embassy in Washington, DC also participated in the meeting.

Sonia Guzmán explained that in this way the United States and the Dominican Republic continue to strengthen their commercial ties through investments, in this case exploring areas of growth in the aeronautical sector and energy production, which could have investments of up to one billion of dollars.

Abinader reiterated the importance of job creation in the country and highlighted the improvement in investment conditions, including the creation of the Investment Promotion Cabinet led by Vice President Raquel Peña.

SkyPower Global, presented a local manufacturing project for solar panels and generation of up to 500 megawatts of energy, identifying Pedernales as the ideal geographical area for said investment.

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