US: Coup plan revealed to assault the Capitol

Declaring a state of national emergency to avoid the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral victory in the Senate and keep Donald Trump in power, that was the strategy of the assault on the United States Capitol last January.

On the eve of the dramatic January 6 assault on Congress, a detailed plan was brewing to overturn the presidential election result through the halls of Capitol Hill and, perhaps, the White House.

In fact, there is a 38-page document made up of slides in which the coup scenario is evoked.

The document – according to The New York Times and The Guardian – is being examined by the commission of inquiry that is trying to shed light on the dramatic events that led to the deaths of five people, especially to verify whether there was a direct involvement of the former president.

It was delivered by former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, one of Trump’s closest allies to the end.

Through his attorney, he disclosed that he had received the PowerPoint presentation by email, but had never considered it.

However, that plan, titled “Election Fraud, Foreign Interference, and Options for Jan. 6,” echoes point by point the reasons for Trump’s “Stop the Steal” conspiratorial campaign to support the electoral thesis of electoral rigging.

The slides recommend that the then president declare a state of emergency for national security reasons, arguing that countries like China and Venezuela had acquired control of the electoral infrastructure in most of the US states.

Ultimately, the votes cast by the electronic ballot box should be considered null and void. After all, Rudolph Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney at the time, focused his legal action on precisely this, accusing voting software companies like the Dominion Voting System of having played a key role in the alleged sabotage.

Claims that cost millions of lawsuits not only to Giuliani but also to Fox News and some of its presenters who took up those theories.

A former retired colonel who became one of the most influential voices in the “Stop the Steal” campaign, Phil Wardon, cited several times by Giuliani as the source of his accusations, would circulate the plan before the commission investigating on 6 January.

Wardon is also said to be a close acquaintance of Mike Lindell, the eccentric pillow maker and CEO of Mister Pillow, who funded much of his friend Donald Trump’s conspiracy campaign.

It was Wardon himself who told how between January 4 and 5 the controversial slides were put in the hands of several senators and deputies, although it was not he who wrote them.

The source matrix for those PowerPoint plates could be another document found online and attributed to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, a former Texas treasure hunter and businessman known for inventing technology called “kinematic artifact detection,” to uncover imperfections in ballots. voting that can distort the vote.

Ultimately, what emerges is a “fauna” of outlandish but disturbing characters who in those days may have had a significant influence on the tycoon, known for being inspired by outlandish theories.

Like someone using military and satellite technologies to remotely manipulate electronic ballot boxes. A trap that Meadows asked then-Attorney General Jeffery Rosen to investigate, along with other fanciful theories. But, Rosen refused to do so.

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