US congresswoman denounces Ortega's "war" against the Catholic Church

US congresswoman denounces Ortega’s “war” against the Catholic Church

The American congresswoman of Cuban origin, María Elvira Salazar, assures that the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo maintains a “war” against the Nicaraguan Catholic Church. Politics stated that not even the Somoza dictatorship dared to “mess” with the Church.

«Poor my Nicaraguan brothers, we really have to pray for them. (It is) one of the most Catholic countries in Latin America. Look at what this dictator (Daniel Ortega), satrap, has done: he made war on the Catholic Church because he supported the protests calling for democracy and freedom in 2018,” Salazar said in a video posted on his Twitter account.

The Republican congresswoman denounced that the Ortega and Murillo dictatorship has imprisoned the most important priests, suspended the Lenten processions, expelled the nuns of the Order of Mother Teresa of Calcutta; It appropriated 19 universities, closed Catholic radio stations and channels, and expelled the apostolic nuncio, who is the representative of Pope Francis in the country.

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“He also broke relations with the Vatican and closed Caritas, one of the largest and most important charitable organizations in the world. The dictator Somoza never, never, never dared to mess with the Catholic Church, which is one of the most legendary institutions in the world and specifically in Nicaragua,” he stressed.

“Let us pray for my Nicaraguan brothers. That is what socialism brings, that is what not having strong leadership from Washington brings because all these satraps, tyrants, know that when Washington is not looking, they can come and loot. I am with you Nicaraguans », he added.

Daniel Ortega assured that the Nicaraguan bishops, in the midst of the social revolt, gave him an “ultimatum” to leave power in 24 hours, and after that meeting, as he said at the time: “we said that we had to recover peace, because in those days there was no peace in Nicaragua, what there was was terror, and the country was paralyzed”. The bishops mediated a failed national dialogue in 2018, Ortega accused them of coup plotters and a series of pejoratives.

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