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Good start for Paraguay in South American Team Golf

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Good start for Paraguay in South American Team Golf

Yesterday, in masculine, Paraguay finished third at the end of the first 18 holes, added the 2 best cards of the 3 compatriots present, that of Matías Koropeski (70, -2) and Erich Fortlage (72, pair of courts), to total 142, -2. Chile leads with 140 -4.

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While in women, the desired start was not had, however there are three days left to improve production. The national team was in the last place with cards from Sol Mendoza (82 +10) and Inés Jaime (82 +10), both totaling 164, +20. Uruguay is ahead with 146 +2.


In the men’s singles, the best Paraguayan at the end of the first day was Matías Koropeski, who signed a card with 70 shots, 2 under par on the course to occupy third place.

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And they share the eighth position Erich Fortlage and Benjamín Fernández with 72 impacts, two courts, the lone pointer is the Chilean Santiago Schele with 67 -5.

among women, the best Paraguayans were Sol Mendoza and María Inés Jaime that they delivered a card with 82, +10 each to be 19; For her part, Fiorella Franco was 23rd with 83 +11. Carolina Mailhos from Uruguay leads alone with 71 -1.

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Finally, in mixed, Paraguay 2 with Fiorella Franco-Matías Koropeski are in 13th place with 153 hits, +9; Paraguay 1, Sol Mendoza-Erich Fortlage and Paraguay 3 María Inés Jaime-Benjamín Fernández share 16th place with 154, +10. Chile 1, leads with 142, -2.

Today the second round of the South American will be played.



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