Uruguayans between bullets and stab wounds, today questioning Minister Heber

Uruguayans between bullets and stab wounds, today questioning Minister Heber

The Minister of the Interior will be questioned by the opposition on June 28, the subject: homicides in the country. For the maragato deputy Nicolás Mesa, something “failed” in the plan announced in 2022 by Luis Alberto Heber, and he maintains that in his department every “one or two days” there is someone injured with a “knife or firearm.”

Mesa responds to the Broad Front (MPP), lives in San José and is part of the group of deputies that is working on the issues that will appear in the interpellation, which is why EL ECO spoke with him.

The deputy pointed out that recently “I requested reports from the Ministry of the Interior (MI) to find out, for example, the number of people injured with firearms or stab wounds, before, during and after the pandemic. According to what we see in the press every one or two days, in the department of San José someone appears in a health center with wounds from a knife or fire. The injured do not want to file a complaint.”

The legislator from Maragato maintained that “the vast majority of those deprived of liberty are men, young, poor. And the processing of young women is also increasing, for example, when they try to enter a few grams of drugs for prisoners, that is another indicator of what is happening in the country.
“Based on what I have just said, and taking into account that the minister himself announced last year that he had a plan to combat homicides, and he went to the Executive Tower to present that plan, which we do not know and the members themselves from the coalition they also say they don’t know, is that we called Heber into the room. Keeping in mind that the supposed plan in fact did not give results.

When asked if he considers that Luis Alberto Heber conforms to the truth, he replied that “the minister is giving confusing messages, that in the police, which is a hierarchical institution, generates some uncertainty, because it needs clear and precise orders. The minister goes out one day and says one thing and the next another, it is not a good sign for the police institution either ”.

Uruguayans between bullets and stab wounds, today questioning Minister Heber

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