Max Jerez obtains a work permit in the US and works in construction

The former politician Max Sherry He received his work permit in the United States, a country where he has been since February 9, after the Daniel Ortega regime exiled him from Nicaragua, along with 221 other opponents.

“After a few weeks, I have finally received my work permit. New beginnings are not easy, but with effort and God’s help we will get ahead, “wrote the student leader, through his Twitter account.

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In interview with Article 66 Jerez stated that after his release and exile he had to start “a process of job placement and a process of adaptation to this new reality that we have to live in the United States.”

He recalled that as a beneficiary of the humanitarian parole, he is allowed to request a work permit for a period of two years. “I have met all the requirements and fortunately, three weeks ago, my application was approved and I already have a permit to work.”

Jerez is currently working in the construction and maintenance area; He assures that he is “doing everything possible to have a stable source of income and face the reality in the United States.”

“My reality is not different from that of many Nicaraguans in the US.”

On the other hand, the released political prisoner clarified that the reality he is going through is not different from that of many Nicaraguans who are in the North American country “as a result of the difficult situation that our country is experiencing.”

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«Many of the Nicaraguans with whom I have spoken in this country face family separation, job placement and a series of challenges in a nation that is not ours but that offers us opportunities; And I am sure that with the help of God and with the will we will move forward without stopping working for the cause of the Nicaraguan people,” added Jerez.

Regarding his political leadership, the opponent stated that he is making “the effort” to combine and achieve a balance between “the world of work (…) and activism and the Nicaraguan cause, for freedom and the human rights of the people who continue in Nicaragua, suffering and enduring the crimes against humanity of the dictatorship.”

Max Jerez obtains a work permit in the US, the country to which Ortega exiled him.  Photo: Article 66 / Courtesy
Max Jerez obtains a work permit in the US, the country to which Ortega exiled him. Photo: Article 66 / Courtesy

“I trust and I feel hopeful that we are going to move forward but also that we are going to continue fighting and joining efforts for the freedom of all Nicaraguans,” he concluded.

The history of Jerez is added to that of other political prisoners, such as the former presidential candidate Medardo Mairena and the peasant leader Pedro Mena, who have dedicated themselves to construction work in order to get ahead.

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