Uruguay did not sign the final communiqué of Mercosur

Uruguay decided not to sign the final press release drafted by the member countries of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur). The text included the member countries (Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina) and Bolivia, but not that of the eastern country.

The statement did not make any reference to the flexibility of the bloc, an issue on which Uruguay emphatically insisted when working for the conclusion of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China.

On the other hand, the document did address another issue pointed out by Uruguay, such as the reduction of the rates of the Common External Tariff. In this regard, it ensures that Mercosur, “will contribute to the efforts of the States Parties to achieve a full economic recovery” .

In addition to this topic, other topics are discussed, such as the modernization of the Mercosur Regime of Origin, infrastructure improvements, coordination of macroeconomic policies, among other topics.

The document also speaks of the extra-regional agenda, which includes the negotiations with Singapore. It also regulates the association with the European Union.

Sayings of Lacalle

The President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, spoke at the Mercosur Summit, act carried out in Paraguay. During his oratory, Lacalle Pou defended Uruguay’s openness to the world, given the tensions raised by the FTA with China.

Part of the focus of the summit, goes through the realization of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China. Uruguay has already announced the start of negotiations with the Asian giant, the echoes of which generated discomfort in some Mercosur partners, such as Argentina. Before all those present, the president expressed that “it is important to be honest, and I am glad that things are said as they have to be.”

«Life is made in the resolution of tensions, and not looking the other way. We must understand and be understood.” “We celebrate the common agenda, which the Foreign Minister of Paraguay reported, we celebrate the agreement with Singapore.”

“That generates some anxiety and uncertainty for us, the little progress with the European Union, a natural and historical partner for this bloc. We celebrate the bilateral agenda among the member nations. With Argentina, we have the care and monitoring of the watercourses,” Lacalle Pou said.

“A few days ago, bilateral issues were signed with Brazil with free zones. We are advancing in a work that is the denial of gaps, the interconnection of energy.

“With Paraguay we have issues that complement us, mainly due to geopolitical issues. Uruguay has the dream of being Paraguay’s outlet to the sea.” Uruguay “finished the bilateral feasibility study to begin negotiations for an FTA with the People’s Republic of China. Of course, as this stage progresses, we intend to speak with the Mercosur partners. What Uruguay is not going to amputate that possibility. This is a national feeling, which comes from two or three governments back. You want to move forward and if it is with the partners, the better.

“Uruguay is going to advance” emphasized Lacalle Pou

Lacalle Pou stated that “Uruguay is going to advance. We have the peace of mind that does not harm or erode our organization. We understand the other countries, but we ask for understanding in this case. In addition, let’s move forward with other countries and other blocs, because there are agendas to move forward. We are going to inform our Mercosur colleagues immediately.”

He maintained that a concept of President Fernández “resonated” with him, that of “protecting.” “A president is the father of a great family, he has to generate shelter and protection. Protecting my people is opening myself up to the world,” closed Lacalle Pou.

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