RD debe insistir en exploración petrolera

The DR must insist on oil exploration in the southern marine strip

The Dominican Republic should insist on oil explorationthrough cooperation with other countries or public-private investment, to determine the exploitation potential of this hydrocarbon, especially that identified in the Higuerito and Maleno areasin the Azua province.

This is what the geologist thought. Osiris de Leonwho recommended a deep exploration program from Palmar de Ocoa to Barahona.

That exploration, of at least five thousand meters deepshould also include the area of ​​Peralta, in Azua, located at the foot of the southern slope of the Cordillera Central, explained the expert.

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“Because there is oil out there, which is not of high quality, but by drilling at a deep level we could reach a primary deposit, and who knows if we will have a good and sufficient result as they have had. Mexico, Venezuela, United States, Trinidad, Cuba. Let us remember that these countries are in the Caribbean basin and so are we.

“The largest oil reserves in the world are in Venezuela, and then those of the United States and Mexico, and those last two in the Gulf of Mexico, which is the western extension of the Caribbean Sea.”

In making the statement, De León explained that this tectonic block has migrated along 150 million years and it has produced changes in the morphology of the subsurface layer that allows oil to be found as far east as Trinidad, and as far west as the Gulf of Mexico.

“While you are inside the sediments, the sandstones, you have the possibility of finding oil that accumulated there in the geological past,” he said.

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