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Uruguay and Tourism Week: Between the national and the Argentine shore

Uruguay is in full development of the tourism week, an opportunity that is used by many compatriots to take the last vacation of the new year. The National Directorate of Migration proceeded to issue the latest accumulated data corresponding to April 13.

Through the Department of Statistics, it was reported that in the period between days 8 and 13, the “passengers admitted” at the control points were 80,849 people in total.

From this number it can be deduced that, in the department of Paysandú, bordering the Argentine Republic through the Paysandú-Colón International Bridge, it was 17,193. It is followed by the town of Fray Bentos with an accumulated number of passengers whose number corresponds to 16,168. Subsequently, the department of Colonia appears with 15,034 people. Regarding the number of passengers “exited” by the checkpoints for the same period, a total of 114,517 tourists is reflected. Part of that figure is made up as follows. At the head is Colonia with 21,570. Paysandú follows in second place with 18,070 and in third place is the department of Salto with 15,006 tourists.

Between internal tourism and the exodus to Argentina

Diario La R, spoke with Remo Monzeglio, Undersecretary Ministry of Tourismwho offered some considerations on internal tourism and the departure of Uruguayans for the neighboring country.

Monzeglio began by stating that with regard to domestic tourism, development has been very good. «The beer festival in Paysandú exploded with people, with tickets sold out». The Colonia department “really showing itself with the best it has”, while he recalled that during the pandemic, the Plaza de Toros, a tourist attraction center, was remodeled.

“This week mobilizes a lot of people, including people who are going abroad. We understand that the tourism week has to be an open house. We are extremely happy and satisfied », he remarked. Regarding the departure of Uruguayans to the neighboring shore, he maintained that “obviously there are issues that attract economics and others that attract because of the proposal; it is a conjunction »he emphasized. «The economic issue in Argentina this time favors the Uruguayans. We are pleased that Uruguayans can vacation wherever they want. Sometimes the balance weighs one way and sometimes the other. We observe that the entire activity is having a very important resurgence,” Monzeglio said.

Welcome Back to Uruguay

At the time of the return of the compatriots, the hierarch maintained: «We have taken the appropriate measures regarding the return of people to our country; especially in the last few days. We are working a lot with Immigration and we ask people to avoid rush hours. He recalled that they are approximately «from 11:00 in the morning to 17:00. That time is when more people can concentrate for the return. We ask to avoid that period.

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