Ursea report suggests rise of $15 for diesel and $7.5 for gasoline

The Regulatory Unit for Energy and Water Services (Ursea) approved this Tuesday the Import Parity Price (PPI) report, which corresponds to the last moving month between February 26 and March 25.

This is one of the inputs –along with the Ancap numbers– that the Executive Branch takes into account since June 2021 to define the fuel rates on a monthly basis.

What do the numbers show? The technical report indicates that if the PPI rule is applied the gasoline price should have a variation of $7.54 per liter (+10.1%), with which the projected price at the pump for April would be $82.42 per liter, according to data accessed The Observer.

While, in the case of diesel, the PPI report indicates that this fuel should rise $15.22 per liter (+28.2%)with which the value at the pump would go from $53.99 in March to $69.21 in April.

Executive Power sources told The Observer that the rates to the public will have an upward correction but that —as in previous months— it will be lower than what is indicated by the rule based on the evolution of international prices. The final decision will be made between Wednesday and Thursday.

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