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Uribe asks for a recount of votes and says that the result cannot be accepted

Former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe, founder of the Democratic Center party, assured this Saturday that “cannot accept” result of the legislative elections after the publication this Friday of the official scrutiny of the Senate that has caused controversy in the country.

Uribe, to whose party 54,608 votes were subtracted in the scrutinycriticized that the leftist Historical Pact have added nearly 400,000 votes with respect to those announced on Sunday after the voting closed, as well as the numerous errors found in the E-14 forms, where the electoral juries write down the votes.

“These elections leave all the mistrust. E-14 full of cross-outs, amendments, signatures that do not match. Added to the inconsistencies is the overwhelming vote for Petrismo (the Historical Pact) in drug trafficking zones. This result cannot be accepted”expressed on Twitter the former president, who governed Colombia between 2002 and 2010.

The E-14s to which Uribe refers are the formats that the voting jurors must fill out once they finish counting votes after the elections and are also the basis for the results of the pre-count.

The preliminary count on Sunday gave the Historic Pact 2,302,847 votes in the Senate, while the official results published on Friday by the Registrar’s Office, with 97% scrutinized, awarded it 2,692,999, that is, 390,152 more votes, being the party with the greatest difference between the two data.

(Historical Pact would obtain three more seats after counting votes).

The projections show that with this result the Historical Pact can obtain 19 seats in the Upper House, three more than those obtained in the pre-count on Sunday and would subtract one seat from the Conservative Party, which would be left with 15; the ruling Democratic Center and the Alianza Verde-Centro Esperanza Coalition, which would drop to 13 each.

That is why the Democratic Center said in a statement on Friday that it is “The situation of uncertainty generated by the inaccuracy of the results published to date by the Registry is unacceptable,” entity that organizes the elections.

“The inclusion of 948,283 votes (from all parties) in the scrutiny phase overwhelms the variation between precount and scrutiny, which has historically been 0.5% and this time is more than 7%”expressed the uribista party.


The main target of criticism for what happened is the national registrar, Alexander Vega, whose resignation is requested by representatives of various sectors of the Colombian political spectrum. “Whether due to incompetence or because there really were serious alterations in the results of Congress, the registrar (…) must resign. The presidential elections need an ad hoc registrar and that adjustments be made as soon as possible,” said Catherine Juvinao, representative to the elected Chamber of the Alianza Verde party.

Gustavo Bolívar, who was the head of the Historic Pact list for the Senate and who with victory will keep his seat in Congress, assured that Uribismo is insinuating that the left is the author of “the fraud”, for which he asked the Registrar to recount the votes.

“The Democratic Center has been sowing discord that the fraud comes from us (…) We are going to ask all the parties to the National Electoral Council (CNE) to please order all the ballot boxes to be opened so that all the votes can be counted again”Bolívar expressed, who said that the Historical Pact will accept the result of a possible new recount.


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