Urges to establish a common agenda in favor of people in need

Urges to establish a common agenda in favor of people in need

NY.- The Latin ambassador Ana Mora, on behalf of “Premios Latinos”, which recognizes Hispanic personalities of the year in all areas in this city, urged professionals, businessmen, influencers and prominent figures from the Dominican community to establish a common agenda to help the people in need in NYC, the DR and other parts of the world.

Mora also received the “Excellence Award” in 2022 for her contributions and growth in her work, and was recognized by the “Charter School” for her constant support of the children and parents of said school, located in Upper Manhattan.

The outstanding professional model and former president of the “Parents Association” of the aforementioned school, specifies that each person has the right individually to help those in need in these difficult times that are affecting humanity, our country and the world. world.

“For this reason, I invite the different sectors of the community to create a community force to help in these difficult times, due to the economic crisis that affects the world, the Covid-19 pandemic, wars, among other ills. that are severely affecting humanity,” he said.

He recalled the Biblical precept in “Acts 20:35”: “In everything I have taught you that, working like this, you must help those in need”, and the Lord Jesus maintained: “It is more blessed to give than to receive”, because giving is how receives”.

Mora made a final balance of her successful year 2022, where she said that she grew up as an empowered woman.

“It is one more achievement for the important work that we have been doing in the community during these almost three years of the pandemic, and we are still continuing. It is right. They selected me because of the hard work we have been doing with different institutions.”

“I make donations, because this is a time to help those most in need, that never ends, it is time to give love to others. I collaborate with different institutions, not only here in NYC, but also in Santo Domingo and in other countries, that is my job”, said Mora.

“I know that people constantly need help, but if we all contributed a bit and moved to our lands, everything would be easier.”

“There are many ways to help people, whether through the Church, clubs, associations, directly or as a family, he said.

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