Five key strategies to boost your business during this Christmas campaign

Five key strategies to boost your business during this Christmas campaign

The It is the time most awaited by thousands of businessmen, as it represents an ideal opportunity to increase business sales. According to , this campaign represents 20% of the sales of the whole year. Pietro Zegarra, professor of the Marketing and Digital Media Management career at the Certus Institute, points out that it is necessary to implement strategies that will help achieve the expected results.

“Faced with the current context, there is a good expectation in the sector. In fact, 5 out of 10 companies in the commerce sector expect sales in this campaign to be similar to the previous year, so it is essential to use tools that allow you to attract new customers and retain your target audience. In this season the consumer is waiting for different offers that adapt to their needs.”, says Zegarra.

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The Certus specialist reveals that this Christmas Peruvians are willing to spend an average of more than S/ 900 on purchases, according to a study by Google and Ipsos. Six out of 10 people will take advantage of the discounts for year-end dates, so it becomes an ideal opportunity to boost sales.

For this reason, the specialist from the Certus Institute explains five strategies that every businessman and entrepreneur should consider to boost their sales this Christmas season.

  1. Offer attractive offers and promotions: Once the most demanded products have been selected, innovative promotions can be established to attract the attention of consumers. For this, it is convenient to define what type of offers or promotions will be launched, that respond to the tastes and needs of customers and that are directly related to the Christmas season in order to empathize with the public.
  2. Optimize your virtual store. Update your catalog of products or services, always providing clear and transparent information. Then, for an effective e-commerce, it will be key to optimize the payment gateway in your virtual store, since customers need to make secure transactions with debit cards, credit cards or digital wallets.
  3. Use interactive videos. According to Renderforest, videos make up 82% of all traffic on the internet, generating huge reach and engagement. Therefore, it is advisable to make videos with offers, gift options, testimonials or raffles, to connect with your target audience.
  4. Implement Christmas themes in your digital campaigns. Boost the traffic of your social networks using keywords alluding to Christmas in the hashtags of social networks. Although the keywords or keywords such as ‘offers’, ‘promotions’ work at any time of the year, during the Christmas festivities it is better to bet on words like ‘union’, ‘family’, ‘love’ and ‘friendship’, as they generate greater closeness with the customer.
  5. Investment in advertising guidelines. A good option to attract new customers and offer products and/or services during this season is the advertising schedule. The specialist mentions that a large budget is not needed for this type of investment, as it would bring multiple benefits.

Finally, the Certus expert points out that, at the end of the Christmas season, it is important to carry out an analysis on the development of the commercial strategy. “The Christmas campaign represents a great opportunity since it allows us to propose strategies and short-term objectives so that they can then be evaluated and determine how successful the campaign was. This in order to prepare a better campaign for the future, ”he pointed out.


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