Exhorta seguir oraciones por la paz entre Rusia y Ucrania

Urges to continue prayers for peace between Russia and Ukraine

NEW YORK.- Dr. Yomare Polanco, a faithful devotee of Christianity, urges the Dominican people to follow the Holy Week prayers invoked by his “Holiness Pope Francis” so that the war between Russia and Ukraine comes to an end.

“That on this Good Friday we remember the passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ as the maximum expression of love for us.” “Let’s imitate him by loving each other, but in deeds not by word or by ear,” Polanco wrote on his Twitter account.

We have to redouble our prayers so that peace comes from this war, and man continues with his faith, hope, love of neighbor, dedicated to work and his family, as John 13:34 states “Love one another”, said.

During an interview on the TV program “Wake up NY”, he indicated “I hope to God that the ceasefire is allowed, Ukraine is a neutral country, unfortunately that country is already mutilated, I don’t know if it could stay that way.

The area of ​​South Crimea is still Russia, if this is granted the war would be over in one or two weeks, otherwise we must continue praying because we do not know what will happen”, he declared. He also dedicated the song titled “Peace in the Storm” dedicated to the war conflict.

Polanco considered a philanthropist with community and social sectors, in the United States, DR and other countries in the region when they are affected by natural phenomena, he identified 100 x 100% with the Dominican Catholic Church considering that humanity is going through very difficult times, from whose reality the Quisqueyans do not escape.

Likewise, the Church warns that society is in the presence of so many signs of death, that it can fall into indifference and think that everything is over, and as Pope Francis puts it “that it is urgent to renew our lives, making them a beacon of light”.

In addition, he points out that “the resurrection of Christ gives us the necessary strength to overcome selfishness, jump over the obstacles that prevent us from reaching the goal of full happiness, which we find when we serve others, and go through life doing good ”.

Polanco confesses that together with his family he has been constantly praying, not only for peace between these two nations, but also for world peace.

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