University vs.  Sporting Cristal: Cream victory with goals from Succar pays up to 31 times the bet

University vs. Sporting Cristal: Cream victory with goals from Succar pays up to 31 times the bet

The Clausura tournament comes on week after week to define the next finalists in the table. For date 15 of League 1, Y They will meet this Sunday (3:30 local time) at the National Stadium.

On this occasion, the creams arrive alive and with the hope of tempting a new final after a solid 3-0 victory against Mannucci. They have 27 points in the table, the product of eight wins, three draws and three losses. In addition, they have the best defense.

Meanwhile, the Rimenses remain at the top of the championship with 31 points. In their last duel they beat Ayacucho on a visit with a goal in the last minute of the match. This squad has the best forward in the tournament, as they have scored a total of 27 goals.

Without a doubt, this clash promises and in the previous one we will tell you how much the bookmakers pay.

How much do bookmakers pay for Sporting Cristal vs. Academic?

The bookmakers put the sky-blue team that are leaders of the Clausura as a favorite. The odds for a Cristal victory range from S/ 1.72 to S/ 1.75.

While if Universitario wins the match this Sunday, bookmakers offer between S/ 4.40 to S/ 4.60.

Bookmakers Sporting Crystal Tie academic
I bet you S/ 1.72 S/ 3.85 S/4.40
Betson S/ 1.72 S/ 3.70 S/4.40
betsafe S/ 1.78 S/ 3.80 S/4.55
Inkabet S/ 1.75 S/ 3.80 S/ 4.60

extreme bets

This commitment also brings the extreme bets of Betsafe, with the fee that pays up to 31 times the bet if the creams manage to win 2-0 with goals from striker Alexander Succar.

But perhaps the biggest challenge of the U will be taking care that the joy in the field does not play against them. Well, remembering what happened against Alianza Lima last September, in case Succar receives a red card after celebrating a goal, this same bookmaker offers to multiply the bet 41 times. That is, with S / 20 they could take up to S / 820 in a single play.

On the light blue side, the extreme bets put Yoshimar Yotún as the protagonist, who in case he scores a penalty kicking the ball, typical of the player’s style, is paid up to 20 times each sol bet.


The Cantolao winger started in the friendly against El Salvador and was able to score in his debut with the Peruvian team under the command of Juan Reynoso.

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