University Council of the UCV will deal with this #3Ago absolute lack of Academic Vice Chancellor

The Academic Vice Chancellor of the UCV, Nicolás Bianco, passed away on July 28 and given the absolute vacancy of the position, they must meet to elect his replacement

The University Council of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) will hold an extraordinary session this Wednesday, August 3, to discuss the absolute absence of the position of Academic Vice Chancellor of that university, after the death of Dr. Nicolás Bianco, who was the incumbent in the post.

The president of the Federation of University Centers of the UCV (FCU-UCV), Jesus Mendozaindicated that they will remain attentive to the decision made by the University Council.

Dr. Nicolás Bianco, academic vice-rector of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), He passed away in the early hours of July 79 years of age.

The rector of the UCV, Cecilia García Arocha, lamented through her accounts on social networks the physical disappearance of Bianco and assured that her death is a loss for the university and for the country.

Bianco is the fifth authority to die in the exercise of his functions: the rector Enrique Planchart exactly one year ago; the rector of the Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado (UCLA) Francesco Leone in 2017; the administrative vice-rector of the University of Zulia (LUZ), María Guadalupe Núñez in June 2016; and in December 2015, the secretary of the Universidad de Oriente, Juan Bolaños Curvelo, passed away.

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The wear and tear is the result of the limbo that has remained since 2011 when the TSJ blocked the possibility of holding university elections, due to the fact that the Electoral Chamber and then the Constitutional Court admitted appeals on which there is no decision, which has prevented the renewal of authorities. This year will mark eleven years of this situation, and therefore the absences continue to make a dent in those who hold the positions: resignations, emigration, travel, unpaid leave, health problems and even death.

As established by the regulations of each university, in the event of absolute absence, elections must be called immediately. But as the electoral process has been made impossible by legal means, what corresponds is that the board of directors of each institution designates the person who should be in charge. What happened at USB, after the death of Rector Planchart, was that the CNU handpicked those who should fill the vacancy.

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