Unity Movement proposes that bank call centers be established in Panama

The leader of the Unity Movement, Francisco Carreira Pitti, proposes that the “call centers” that are affiliated with banks with a Panamanian license establish their call center in the country.

He considered it unheard of for Panamanian banks to hire foreign “call center” services to attend claims or debt collection calls and not give Panamanians that opportunity.

“These big corporations get billions of dollars and they don’t reinvest anything in job creation. Today more than ever the country needs investment to develop jobs, such as call centers that would give an opportunity to those who need them most, with a capital expenditure of less than 1% of net profits, ”he stressed.

The group urges the business sector and the Superintendence of Banks to analyze this initiative, in order to help the economy of Panamanian households.

Likewise, it proposes to the National Assembly to present an amendment to Law 52, ​​which regulates call center activities so that companies that provide customer service by telephone, with profits of more than B/. 3,000,000.00, establish your call center in the country. Likewise, the transnationals that contract with the State.

On the other hand, he questions that the National Government has not yet presented alternatives to face the increase in fuel. In mid-April, this independent political movement proposed reducing the working day to four working days, but maintaining the 40-hour work week, thus reducing transfers on the fifth day, as an extraordinary measure to deal with this situation.

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