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A fire started this Sunday in the canteen of the Hospital de Clínicas. The incident did not escalate thanks to the quick action of the personnel who were able to contain the fire by using fire extinguishers.

Around 2:00 p.m. this Sunday, there was a report of a fire beginning inside the building of the Hospital de Clínicas, located in San Lorenzo.

Staff from the 7th San Lorenzo Volunteer Fire Company immediately came to verify what happened at the health center.

Captain José Pérez told channel C9N that the beginning of the fire occurred in the canteen sector and the outsourced dining room, which is attached to the psychiatric ward.

The flames originated in the fryer located in the kitchen, which apparently was left on longer than it should have been, he explained.

Pérez highlighted the quick and effective action of the hospital staff, since as soon as they noticed the presence of smoke, they came with fire extinguishers in hand to control the fire, which prevented the incident from escalating.

As a result, the intervening firefighters focused on ventilating the affected sector as well as carrying out preventive work, in addition to removing the fryer that caused the fire.
it was because the fryer was on for a long time

“If it got past the kitchen it was going to be quite complicated,” emphasized the captain.

No person at the Hospital de Clínicas was affected by smoke inhalation, according to the report.

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