Unions find it difficult to agree with the Government on the labor reform

Unions find it difficult to agree with the Government on the labor reform

According to Jaime Alberto Cabal, president of Fenalco, The concertation of the labor reform with the Government will not be easyeither. The union leader explained, in addition to including aspects that would increase costs between 30% and 35% to companies, and that they had already been warned, other concerns are added.

(Read: Indefinite-term contracting, general rule of the labor reform).

According to what he said, the initiative proposes changes that concern the sector in what has to do with the relationship between workers and companies.

In particular, he drew attention to what is stated there regarding grounds for dismissals and impediment to outsourcing.

Likewise, he stressed that the initiative brings a very important burden in what has to do with unionizing the Colombian private sector.

(In addition: This is the draft of the labor reform bill).

I believe that the Minister is in the best attitude of concertation, the unions too. But we believe that the Labor Agreement Commission is going to have a very important job because at this moment there are more points that separate us and from which the unions disagree than those that unite us to an agreement so that this consensual reform goes to CongressCabal pointed out.


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